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Our engineers are your partners in producibility.
The Hyatt Die Cast team will work with you to turn your component into a precision die casting that has been designed to ensure the highest degree of producibility and reliability.

Design & Standards

Hyatt Die Cast encourages an exchange of ideas at the design phase as together, we develop your project for manufacture as a die casting. Concurrent engineering optimizes the design and results in a part that can be manufactured with the highest quality. Working as a team will ensure that your project is free of any issues that might compromise your die cast part and that your program will complete on time and within your budget.

Hyatt Die Cast engineering

Hyatt Die Cast has a quality system certified to AS9100 Rev D and ISO 9001:2015 and we are ITAR and EAR registered for defense-related production.

Hyatt Die Cast engineering

Solidworks is our native CAD system and is used to develop precision models of both parts and tooling. Our experience in complex and thin wall configurations has proven valuable for many of our clients. Our staff uses the latest digital product definition software, which exceeds Boeing’s D6-51991 requirements, to validate CAD model translations and maintain data integrity throughout production.

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Production & Project Management

Our system accommodates any manufacturing scale, from low volume start-up to large-scale production.Our team uses mold flow simulation software to improve yields and reduce manufacturing costs by identifying possible problem areas before the tooling is constructed.

Available Simulations Include:

Air Entrapment


Fluid Velocity Magnitude

Fill Time

Hyatt Die Cast CAD software

Our engineers work closely with toolmakers to ensure that the project starts on schedule and stays on schedule. We provide our customers with Gantt charts that detail each stage of a new project from initial design to first inspection. These are furnished throughout the development to verify milestones are being met.

Our expertise in a wide range of specialized industries – including aerospace, defense, and medical manufacturing – enables us to keep your project on track during the entire process.

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